5-Star Customer Engagement Instantly

HiveMind AI provides ‘Conversational Marketing’ solutions to drive leads, increase sales, improve customer support, and automate routine tasks. We use Artificial Intelligence (AI) to deeply engage customers with your brand and deliver a consistent brand experience across your entire franchise network.

Test Out Your Industry AI Assistant In Real-Time

Franchise Sales

Qualify and Route Leads, CRM Integration

Beauty Salon

Hair, Nails, Blow Dry Bar, Lashes, Services & Scheduling


QSR, Delivery/Takeout, Reservations, In-Bot Payment

Home Improvement

Roofer, Plumber, Windows

Fitness Center

Memberships, Scheduling


Delivery/Take-out, In-Bot Payment

Unleash the power of personalized customer engagement.


Customer Engagement Solution

See your customers from the moment they engage

Instantly engage your customers in intelligent conversations and start delivering a 5-star experience.

See the insights that matter

Capture data from all your visitor interactions seamlessly. View the questions they ask, and what you are missing.


We will build it and they will love it! How many times have YOU heard, “We value your business… your wait time for customer services is 37 minutes”? Or you click on the chat section, only to be put in a queue with 5 other people. Not with our customer engagement agents — questions are answered instantly.

Your 24/7 Engagement AI Assistant

Your engagement agent will answer customer service questions with the right answers, in YOUR brand voice, from the instant they engage. If there is a gap in answers, you’ll know it, and we’ll fix it quickly and easily to give the best experience and wow your clients. The agent will escalate any unanswerable questions to a human when needed.

Our AI Assistants not only handle FAQ’s, they qualify leads, take orders, send texts, gather leads, show videos, and if they can’t help, pass your clients on to a human.

Give Your Customers 5-Star Experiences

Every Interaction is tracked, so you get smart data. A deeper understanding of each customer is now attainable.

Customers want instant answers, so give it to them.

Make the journey frictionless and fun.

You are being asked to deliver 5-star experiences across multiple platforms in seconds. That’s all the time the customer has for you, and with HiveMind AI Assistants you can deliver.

How do you deliver your brand instantly?

We’ll build your intelligent customer engagement AI Assistant and then turn it loose. You’ll learn, and so will the agent. Your outcome: great experiences for your customers to keep coming back. You’ll get actionable data instantly, personalized by the customer. Your Customer Engagement AI Assistant will get them to the best resource for answering questions, making sales, scheduling appointments, locating service providers or ordering quickly and easily in seconds.

This is the future of customer service for all businesses.
The question is, “Will you be ready?”

Unleash the power of personalized customer engagement.


Multi Channel Engagement

Engage where your customers are.

Live Chat

Some experiences still require live chat, and we can do that. We integrate live chat into your AI Assistant, so if needed their conversation can continue with a human.


More than half of your clients will still want to engage by email, and that’s no problem. Your AI Assistant will automatically forward these requests to you. We can even set up a drip email campaign and boom, automation at it’s finest.

Automation is self service

Support questions for any category are easily answered anytime, day or night, for better support when and where the customer needs it.


Use text messaging to further engage your customers after they have left the site. Remind them to finish the course, get promos, or call for an appointment.

Voice Interaction

Use voice integration to engage with your customers quickly and effortlessly.

Unleash the power of personalized customer engagement.


Turn Insights Into Action

Insights into Actions

Customer engagement data at your fingertips. Improving the customer journey is closer than you think.

Customer Engagement Data Dashboards

The future is here in customer service. Know exactly what your customers are looking for, and then act on it. You’ll have an unprecedented look into your customer experience. Your Ai Assistant starts learning from the first interaction and never stops.

Humans + AI Assistants + some Love  = Harmony

The future — your future — is a combination of humans and customer engagement agents working in harmony to build customers for life.  There is only so much a human can do, but there is always more an AI Assistant can help with.

We can deliver seamless transitions from AI Assistant to customers for the ultimate experience. It’s all up to the consumer.

Unleash the power of personalized customer engagement.


Individual Franchisee or Large Franchisor, we can build your Customer Engagement AI Assistant for your system. With over 20 years experience in the franchising world, we understand the needs of the Franchisor in providing brand voice and consistency. For the Franchisee in the system, we can customize for the local area and maintain brand compliance.

Franchisor AI Assistant

AI Powered Self-Service

Natural Language Processing

Conversation paths built for:

  • Customer acquisition
  • Support and Satisfaction
  • Ecommerce
  • Operations Automation

Integrations configured for:

  • CMR
  • Database
  • Payment systems
  • Email & SMS/text
  • Calendaring & Scheduling

Segmentation & Retargeting

Broadcast messaging

Seamless handoff to live chat

Robust Analytics

Franchisee AI Assistant

A clone based on Franchisor’s AI Assistant

Consistent brand voice

Customized to reflect local differences

  • Hours & contact info
  • Local offers & promotions
  • Showcase local products/services
  • Routing of leads, messages, etc.

Bolt-on advanced functionality

  • Accept payments
  • Integrate with paid ad campaigns
  • Coupon codes & loyalty programs

Segmentation & Retargeting

Broadcast messaging

Seamless handoff to live chat

Robust Analytics


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Unleash the power of personalized customer engagement.