Simply Review Us FAQs


Question: Why Do I need Reviews?

Answer: Online reviews are essential for your business in this day and age for a couple of reasons.

  1. Reviews boost your business’s bottom line: Think about it, when you’re looking for a place to eat, or a new roofer, or even buying a product on Amazon, you look at the reviews to make sure that product or service is worth your time and money. Today’s customer is savvy, they take into consideration how many sites a business has reviews on, the amount of reviews they have, and the average star-count before they do business. It’s word of mouth for the 21st century, or a shortcut to trust, if you will.
  2. Search Ranking has changed and Online Directories (where your reviews live) show up first for many searches: Having lots of positive reviews on directories gives you the chance to be seen many times. Also, your company’s Google My Business profile really stands out when you have on average 30 or more current reviews with an average of 4.2 – 4.5 star rating. Your business will be more likely to be seen as the one to choose as well because your Google listing will show up on the search map with more stars than anyone else.

Question: What Does the App Do?

Answer: Here’s an overview video that tells you more about the app: Instantly connect with a client and request a review. The review is immediately posted online in your listing. Take a look to see how easy it is.

SimplyReview.Us helps you manage your online reputation in three ways:

  1. Generate Reviews: Request online reviews with ease, and have your customers leave their review in just a few taps or clicks.
  2. Track Reviews: The Dashboard tracks your progress over time and you receive email notifications each time you get a new review.
  3. Respond to Reviews: The Response Scribe helps you compose professional responses you can cut and paste to reply to your clients.


Question: Where Can I get Reviews Posted?

Answer: Here are some of the sites we can link your customers to, depending on your business model:

 SRU review site icons

Not sure which to choose? We give you guidance to choose up to 4 review sites you feel are the most valuable for your business, and your customer reviews get posted to those sites 1-2-3. You should already have an account or listing with the site. Make sure you have the login info for the sites you choose, you’ll need that to respond to your reviews.


Question: How much does it Cost?

Answer: We have a few options when setting up your account:

Single User: we set up one account which sends review request texts from one phone number. You can pay month to month, or prepay for the year. Monthly Single Plans start at $79/month for a one year subscription. Both Monthly and yearly options include a one-time $199 Account Creation fee.


Multi-User: We set up a master account and add as many employee accounts as needed each will have a personal review request text and account number. For Multi-User plans, we tailor our pricing to fit your business, please contact one of our reps to learn more.

Question: How Do I sign Up?

Answer: Signing up for Simply Review Us is easy.

For Single User plans-

  1. just follow this link: SIGN UP HERE
  2. Choose the subscription plan that suits you best.
  3. Once we receive your order, we will send you an information form where you can list which review sites you would like to include, the wording of your text message, as well as any other useful information we should know.
  4. Once we receive that form, we will get to work setting up your account (this usually takes about 3-4 days).
  5. We’ll send you an email with your account information (including your account # and password).
  6. Download the app and start getting reviews!

If you’re interested in signing up for a Multi-User plan, please contact us through the HiveMind Bot below, or via email at:

Question: Do you offer Email Review Request Templates?

Answer: The short answer is…no, we don’t. We believe that requesting via text is the most effective way to solicit reviews. If your customer is unable to receive texts, we recommend doing a branded search for your business, selecting the link to the review site you would like them to visit, and emailing it to them the old fashioned way. If you feel that you need Email Review Request Templates and you are a Franchise owner, we suggest that you contact your corporate office to request them.

Using The App


Question: How Do I download the App?


Download the apps at one of the links below. Choose the link for your phone:

Simply Review Us Android App

Simply Review Us iPhone App


Question: How Do I login?

Answer: Login through the app using the username and login credentials assigned when you signed up for the service. You will have received an email with this information once your setup was completed.


Question: How Do I request a Review?

Answer: Check out this video for a step-by-step walk through:


To send a review request you need:

  • The app installed on your phone.
  • Your account number.
  • Your customer’s cell number.


Once you have this information all you need to do is

  1. Open the app and wait for it to load
  2. Enter your customer’s cell # Without any punctuation! (xxxxxxxxxx)
  3. Enter your account number (xxxxxxxxxx)
  4. Hit Submit


Question: How Do I know when I’ve received a Review?

Answer: When you receive a review, you will get an email to the email address you used to sign up for Simply Review Us to congratulate you! Click on the link included in the email to see the review. Remember, due to functionality limitations, these review notifications can only be sent to one email address per account, so choose wisely when you sign up! If you’d like to change the email address associated with your account, simply contact our support team either through the HiveMind Bot below or via emailing


Question: Is there a way to Remove Negative Reviews?

Answer: It depends on the site. Most of the time, a well-crafted response is all you can do. If the review is fraudulent you may be able to take action towards getting the review taken down, simply go to the site’s Help page to find out how. However, whether the review is fraudulent or not, Google makes it very difficult to remove any reviews unless they fall under their guidelines for spam or inappropriate content (you can read that here). The best course of action is to flag the review as spam, and leave a response stating that the person has no connection to the company and never received services.


Question: How do I Change my Review Sites?

Answer: You can either fill out this form: OR Our support team should be able to make this change within 48 hours, and will email you once it is completed, or if they have any questions.


Question: How Do I change my Review Request Text?

Answer: You fill out this form: Please note that it could take a day or two before you see this change.


Question: Can more than one person receive review email notifications?

Answer: Review notifications can only be sent to one email address per account. If you’d like to change the email address associated with your account, simply contact our support team.


Question: Can multiple people use one account?

Answer: Yes. You are free to have as many of your staff use your account as you wish. You can also request reviews from as many customers as you wish, although you will get notified if you send a review request to the same customer multiple times. If you would rather have a master account and individual sub accounts for your employees, that is also an option!


Question: Does my client have to have an account with a review site in order to leave a review?

Answer: The short answer is: it varies. For Google and Facebook your client will need to have an account in order to leave a review (which means that these sites’ reviews are deemed more trustworthy because you know they come from real humans). For other sites like HomeAdvisor and Houzz, you can leave reviews without logging into an account.


Question: If I cancel my subscription, do I still get to keep my reviews?

Answer: Yes! With SimplyReview.Us your reviews are placed directly on your review site profiles. They are yours forever! No one can take them away.




Question: Why can’t I send a review request?

Answer: There are a couple reasons you may not be able to send a review request.

  1. Your account number could be incorrect.
  2. Your account may have lapsed or your subscription payment may have been declined. Contact us to fix this issue.
  3. If neither of these options are correct, please contact our support team so we can work with you to find and fix the problem.


Question: Why Can’t my Customer leave a review?

Answer: It’s likely that if your customer is having trouble leaving a review, they aren’t signed into their account on that site. If your customer clicks on one of the icons but isn’t logged into their account on their phone they will be asked by that site to either login or create an account. Most people are logged in to Facebook and Google on their phones, but it’s important to remind your customers that they will need to login!


Question: Why Can’t I find a Review on My site?

Answer: There are a few reasons why your review may not be showing up on your site.

  1. User Error: Your client missed a step when they were leaving you a review.
  2. Changes in Permissions/Wrongfully Flagged content: The status of your page changed, or another user flagged your review.
  3. Notification Errors: The Email notification we sent was incorrect.

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In my experience with SimplyReview.Us, it has increased our Online Review flow from 1 or 2 a year to 1-3 a week in the busy season.  This has directly increased our lead flow and S/R.  People now know WHO we are and WHAT kind of work we do.  We no longer have to sell our process and service, we can focus on educating our customers and developing our relationship. 

Jacline Workman

Owner, CertaPro Painters of Arvada