Connect·In Engine

Commercial Leads on Auto Pilot

This program is designed to help companies enhance their B2B network on LinkedIn.

We start with a ‘makeover’ of our client’s LinkedIn profile to better explain who they are, the customer problems they solve and the services they provide.

Once the profile is perfected, we apply numerous filters to target only the ‘right’ people within our client’s target market, sending out some  75-100 connection requests to those people per day. Our client’s are seeing a 13-17% acceptance rate of those invites.

Once a connection request is accepted, we use an autoresponder to send the new connection a little info on the company. Finally, the new connection is added to a drip campaign, receiving six monthly messages to help keep the company top-of-mind with the potential new customer.

Typically, we are seeing our client’s get between 250-350 new connections a month! Once their pipeline is full, they are seeing between 3-7 commercial leads per week.

This is not a long term program. Our recommendation is to run the program for 6-9 months, then turning it off for 3-4 months, before turning it back on for another 3-4 months.

We only sell to ONE company per trade in any specific market. For instance, once someone has bought it for plumbing in Cincinnati, we will not sell the service to another plumber in Cincinnati.


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