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Meet The Team

Our US and Canadian built team have combined decades of experience in digital marketing. We have dedicated client relationship management for each of our clients, working hand-in-hand with them to meet and exceed their business goals. Each of our team members has a very specific skill set that allows us to all work synergistically to better serve our clients. We look forward to working with YOU!

Christina Stormson

Christina Stormson, Co-Founder

Christina is a serial entrepreneur who has been busy building million dollar businesses Read More >

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Terry Ladd, Co-Founder

Terry has spent the last 25 years helping organizations use digital technologies to drive operations forward. Read More >

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Tiffiny Wiley, General Manager

A couple of decades of marketing experience across several industries – financial services, hospitality, Read More >

Cristina Ebberman, PPC Manager

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Mike Arcand, Webmaster

Mike has been involved in online marketing and building websites since the year 2000. Read More >

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Alec Moore, Web Developer


WaggleBot, CMO of BetterBot

WaggleBot has been with HiveMind Ai since the company’s inception. Read More >

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