Brand reputation is simply how a brand is viewed by everyone else. Brand reputation management is how you handle that perception. In this day and age, first impressions happen in only a few seconds online and can take place on social media, review sites, or even your own website. So where do you begin in managing your brand’s reputation? It all starts with reviews. Manage reviews and you’re already one step ahead of the game.

Breaking down reviews and how they relate to brand reputation management is simple. If a prospective client or customer wants to get more information about your business, they go to one of two places other than your website: social media or a review site such as Google, Yelp!, etc. Depending on what they read there, they will form their opinion of you in only a matter of seconds. That’s why each and every review counts. So let’s take a look at the impact of both positive and negative reviews and what you can do to monitor, respond, and change the perception (if needed) of your brand.

Good reviews are a breeze, right? Of course they help your brand reputation, but do you have enough of them? The fact is, you can never have enough good reviews. It’s important to keep a steady flow of reviews coming in. How does it look if you have a handful of great reviews, but they are all six months old or older? Getting reviews each and every month should be one of the top priorities when it comes to brand reputation management. But how can you get these reviews? You have to ask for them! Our Simply Review Us service can help with that by helping you request reviews.

But what about the bad reviews? How do you deal with those? Many businesses choose to ignore bad reviews and hope they will get buried or drowned out by the good reviews. That’s not a great way to manage them at all. In fact, each review should receive a response, both good and bad. Thank your good reviewers for their reviews, but you’ve also got to respond to the negative reviews as well. Offer a compromise or a solution to their problem. Offer to contact them and make things right. Offer a discount on their next project. Not sure what to do? We also offer a sister product to Simply Review Us called Response Scribe. This service tackles the job of helping you write those review responses!

Need some help with Brand Reputation Management?

If you need help getting your brand reputation under control using reviews, we can help! Our Simply Review Us service is designed just for you. Contact us today for a free consultation so you can see just what we can do for your business!