Negative Reviews Don’t Have To Ruin Your Business Online

In an article by AuthorityLabs titled “Managing Negative Reviews To Unlock SEO And Digital Marketing Potential,” Ashley Ward looks at the current state of online reviews, how they are more and more important and what you can do to balance your reviews and prevent one bad review from having a significant impact on your business.

In fact, a negative review can make your business more real!

“There’s a lot of interesting research into reader reactions to positive, negative, and neutral reviews. For example, negative reviews are almost always more trusted by viewers, according to the Journal of Vacation Marketing. Businesses with a spread of negative to positive reviews come across as more trustworthy.”

And, negative reviews give you a chance to showcase your excellent customer service.

“When other readers browse your reviews and see those negative reviews, they also see your business’ response. This is a unique chance to give not-yet-customers a glimpse at how your business responds to complaints and what your customer service experience looks like.” Many of our customers have a hard time with how to respond to a negative review, which is why we offer the “Response Scribe,” which helps to craft your negative review message.

Many Business Owners get stuck on the difficulty of receiving reviews at all

And that was the basis of our SimplyReviewUs app – a text-based review app that makes it easy to ask and receive reviews for your business. We believe in simplicity. SimplyReview.Us uses technology on your phone to send a simple text message to your client as you finish a job. So while you’re standing there hearing great things from your client you can simply text them to leave you a review on one of your reputation sites like Google, Yelp, HomeAdvisor, Houzz, or others in a matter of minutes. It’s simple and quick.

Positive, negative, and neutral reviews

Reviews Work to Get Your Next Customer

Text-based requests are the simplest and easiest way to increase your reviews on the spot.

Use the SimplyReview.Us app to get reviews and get more business!