Reviews have become one of the best and easiest marketing tactics for your business and online reputation. You cannot expect to survive in an economy when 97% of consumers search for service businesses online. This is how they get to know your work and how you work with clients.

Here are some stats from a survey done by BrightLocal in for service business:

  • 46% of consumers look for the number of reviews
  • The average consumer wants a business to have at least 34 reviews before they trust the accuracy of star ratings
  • 54% of consumers consider the average star rating to be most important in choosing which business to contact
  • Your business needs to have at a minimum a 4.0-star rating to even be considered

So what is the takeaway? Getting reviews must be incorporated into your business’s growth plan. All your other marketing benefits from you getting reviews by making those dollars you’ve spent work harder for you, instead of you working harder to find new clients. So you can see that reviews do matter!