WaggleBotChatbots are all the rage in 2021, but why should you have one for your company website? What’s in it for you? Let’s take a quick look at the top 5 benefits of chatbots in 2021.

#5 24-hr customer service: There’s nothing quite like being able to contact a company any time of the day and chat with someone. A real person is great, but you can’t always find someone at 3:00 am to answer your questions or take your order. Your company needs to have a 24-hour online presence in this day and age, and that includes a way for customers to get a hold of you for quick questions and answers about your products and services. A chatbot fills this need.

#4 Cost Savings: While human interaction is preferred by many, do you really want to pay to have a call center answering calls for your business 24/7? What about overtime, or weekends? While you’ll likely still want to have someone available during business hours, there’s no need to hire additional personnel for evenings and weekends to man the phones or your website’s interactive chat. Chatbots can take care of this at a much-reduced cost in the long run for your business.

#3 Personalized Experience: Chatbots are not just about simple questions and answers anymore. They are very programmable and can take advantage of artificial intelligence learning that helps them to interact correctly with their human counterparts. Not only that, but when you use a chatbot to interact with a customer, it can utilize the name other information from their social media profile to interact with them, personalizing the whole experience. Today’s chatbots aren’t the chatbots from 2018!

#2 Customer Demographics: Chatbots can gather information and collect data from the originating social media sites and aggregate that data to give you a better insight into who your customers are. Imagine being able to know your customers’ interests. Or perhaps knowing the most common times they are online. You can then customize your social media content around those interests and times to draw in new potential customers or keep current customers coming back for more!

#1 New Customers: Obviously the best reason to have a chatbot in 2021 is that they can significantly help you bring in new customers. Whether they discover your chatbot through a visit to your social media page or your own website, chatbots can take the conversation from introduction closing the sale. They can be both the receptionist and the salesperson. What’s a better use of an investment in your business than to generate new leads and develop new customers? That’s what it’s all about.

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